Willing to fast-track your Innovation efforts?
Do you ever feel stuck with your innovation efforts?
Do you have questions on what, how, when and why on your intellectual property journey?


Innovation Tools Training

Identify the different – at least ten – types of innovations you can work on. Take a step by step approach to uncover the innovation labyrinth – faster- with my innovation tools training.



Intellectual Property Rights Training

Intellectual property does not create itself. You need to work consistently work for it. What do you want – hard work or smart work?


Execution Consulting

Innovation and IPR cannot remain in isolation. They both are key component of multi-fold business growth. IP protection gives you upper hand for faster growth.


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Your industry will keep on reinventing itself. If you do not disrupt it someone else will.
Innovate fast to be ahead of the curve. Ask me how can I help you.


    Innovate, Protect, and Monetize your ideas. Grow Your Business Faster with my effortless Innovation system.

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