Intellectual Property Rights Training

IPR Training

When you create something, it must benefit you and/or your organization. How to get the best out of your efforts? What should you keep in mind when you are creating something be it product, business model or computer program? Learn the basics of what to do and what to avoid to be on a safer side for your business.

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Should you attend? Why?

What are Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)? We have been hearing about Samsung and Apple contesting in courts across geographies on Patent infringements. One can buy a fake Adidas or Nike T-shirt in Palika Bazaar Delhi or Fashion Street in Mumbai. Why are those T-shirts fake? Om Shanti Om – a Red Chillies Entertainment – movie was in copyrights case controversy, why? If you start your business or if you are doing research what kind of Intellectual Property Protection you should opt for? How can IPR help you progress in your career? If these are few of your questions, you should attend this workshop.

“From the earliest days at Apple, I realized that we thrived when we created intellectual property. If people copied or stole our software, we’d be out of business. If it weren’t protected, there’d be no incentive for us to make new software or product designs.” Walter Isaacson, Steve Jobs
Innovation and IPR

Who is the program designed For?

• Professionals
• Founders, Entrepreneurs
• Teachers/Professors
• Researchers

What is in the program?

• Understand different types of Intellectual Property Rights.
• Protecting the IP.
• Know kind of IP rights you may own for your work.
• Process to acquire and retain the IP rights.
• Multiple methods to monetize your ideas.
• Learn how IPR can help in making and executing Business and Competitive strategy
Fast track Innovation and IPR


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