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Innovation tools

Using an appropriate tool is essential to succeed in achieving any goal. Right tools help you save time, increase efficiency, and provide the most suitable options to achieve your goals. Innovation tools help you achieve innovation faster, better, and effortlessly.

You can check the power of one tool – TRIZ – here. Check an overview of TRIZ before trying to the tool.

Why should you attend?

According to HBR most senior executives complain about slow speed of disruptive innovation. At the same time, McKinsey states only 6% CEOs are satisfied with their Innovation performance. A systematic method of innovation can resolve this widespread innovation challenge. Join the innovation tools training to learn different innovation types, create opportunities of innovations, and quickly generate, validate, and test your ideas.

“Size can give you scale, but for innovation, speed is more critical,” says Rakesh Kapoor, CEO of Reckitt Benckiser

Who is the program designed For?

Decision makers
Product Managers
Problem solvers

Innovation and IPR
Fast track Innovation and IPR

What is in the program?

The context of Innovation
Quickly finding out what your customers are looking for?
Generating many ideas faster from proven methods
Scaling ideas by understanding the evolution in the field
Broden your idea generation beyond product innovation alone
Creating more intellectual property for better protection
Protecting the right IP
Multiple methods to monetize your ideas
And many more…


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Your industry will keep on reinventing itself. If you do not disrupt it someone else will.
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