KRD Pravin

Hi, I am KRD Pravin. I am on a mission to make 100,000 ambitious and aspirational Indians “innovate effortlessly”, protect their innovations with appropriate Intellectual Property Rights (Patents, Trademark, Design, Copyright) and help them monetize their hard work. Let me tell you how my journey of Innovation and IPR started

I lost a patent, that made me learn IPR. This is when I realized, we – in India – have limited knowledge and exposure to IPR. I started an IP consulting company with friends in 2005.

I want to change the Intellectual Property landscape in India. We are a jugaad culture. Inherently it is not bad, only challenge is we innovative but do not know why to protect, what to protect, how to benefit?

The dream of $5 trillion economy and beyond demands innovation and value extraction from IP. Look at countries having less population than India – why they are better at it, they have better protection and monetization worldwide.

I am on a mission to create the future breed of innovators in India. Innovators take the pain of solving problems – they deserve to succeed; they deserve to be supported and they deserve to benefit from what problem they have solved. These problem solves  add value to the organization, society and the economy. I want to support the vision of Atmanirbhar Bharat with all my might and boost the dream of a $5 Trillion economy by helping Indian corporates.

My Journey to Innovation and IPR

My journey of innovation started when I used to face problems going to school on a bicycle. The idea was “a cover on top of the cycle”, it was in 1991. Fast forward to1997, I designed a cycle with a motor and solar panel to make cycles automatic! Once again during my engineering in 2001, I made an AI-based software simulation. In my exhilaration, I published that as a research paper before protecting it. I lost a patent.
There are two challenges in business growth – first is innovating and innovating from right kind of problems and second protecting the innovation with right Intellectual Property e.g. benefiting from the innovations. I am solving the problem of innovating and protecting the innovations for benefiting from it.


I have trained professionals and academicians on innovation tools, IPR and innovating faster for better business growth. Some of the testimonials are below.

Pravin’s in-depth knowledge of IPR, Innovation, and Strategy was an eye-opener for many of the participants.

His expertise in the field of intellectual property rights (IPR) prompts me to say he is “An Old Head on Young Shoulders”

Review Pravin has great Analytical and Strategic Thinking Skills, Efficiency, Organization, and Attention to Detail.

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    Your industry will keep on reinventing itself. If you do not disrupt it someone else will.
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