How to Innovate

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Build great business with effortless innovation methods!
With my experience of innovation and IPR since 2005, I have created a toolset for innovating effortlessly.

Innovation and IPR

Are you facing Innovation Challenges?

What to innovate?

Many times, experts take technology and retrofit problems or use cases. This results in business failed. Result? Unmet expectations from self, for business or shareholder.

How to innovate?

In case you figure out “what customers want”. The biggest challenge is how to come up with winning ideas. Brainstorming is just one, there are many important tools for innovation.

How to validate and protect ideas?

Once you’ve ideas how do you select the winner? Additoinally, you need keep more things in mind for a better growth.

How to monetize?

It is not necessary that you make big investment in your innovation to market it. There are more than one ways to profit from your hard work.
“From the earliest days at Apple, I realized that we thrived when we created intellectual property. If people copied or stole our software, we’d be out of business. If it weren’t protected, there’d be no incentive for us to make new software or product designs.”

Walter Isaacson, Steve Jobs

About Me

I’m an IPR and innovation consultant and a registered patent agent with patent office of India since 2006. I have created effortless innovation system to help you Ideate faster, Better, Consistently to increase your ROI.

Learn to innovate across many dimensions and intellectual Properties

With the training and consulting engagement – you improve your problem solving skills and utilize proven innovation tools at right time. Join the training program and become an expert.


Innovation Tools Training

Identify the different – at least ten – types of innovations you can work on. Take a step by step approach to uncover the innovation labyrinth – faster – with my innovation tools training.



Intellectual Property Rights Training

Intellectual property does not create itself. You need to work consistently work for it. What do you want – hard work or smart work?


Execution Consulting

Innovation and IPR cannot remain in isolation. They both are key component of multi-fold business growth. IP protection gives you upper hand for faster growth.


I have trained professionals and academicians alike on innovation tools, IPR and innovating faster for better business growth. Some of the testimonials are below.

Pravin’s in-depth knowledge of IPR, Innovation, and Strategy was an eye-opener for many of the participants.

His expertise in the field of intellectual property rights (IPR) prompts me to say he is “An Old Head on Young Shoulders”

Review Pravin has great Analytical and Strategic Thinking Skills, Efficiency, Organization, and Attention to Detail.

    Unsure about the possibilities?

    Your industry will keep on reinventing itself. If you do not disrupt it someone else will.
    Innovate fast to be ahead of the curve.


    Innovate, Protect, and Monetize your ideas. Grow Your Business Faster with my effortless Innovation system.
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